Some good news is beginning to appear

  • July 19: Returning to the United States from many countries remains problematic. Although you may travel to Europe with your vaccination card (check with your airline), a warm welcome back at the U.S. airport may not be forthcoming. Be sure you check with Sunrise Travel and the U.S. State Department.
  • June 8: Hawaii Sets Plan to Lift All Travel Restrictions Based on Vaccine Rates. More...
  • May 7: Macron says France will begin lifting restrictions in May for vaccinated travelers
  • April 6: 2021: Covid-19 Travel Certificates? A form of Covid-19 certificate or passport will become a necessary document sooner or later. The transportation and hospitality industries in particular see it as a way to provide a safe environment for their customers. In Israel, the country with the world's highest vaccination rate, such a certificate is already in use; a number of European countries are testing various applications, and the European Union will begin to issue a digital green certificate to its citizens before summer. At the heart of this certificate is a QR code that contains personal data that is safe and secure. The World Health Organization is expected to recommend that this certificate be recognized beyond the E.U. The world's civil airline association IATA is also working on a travel pass.
  • March 30: 2021: Learn the latest COVID-19 international travel restrictions.
  • March 13, 2021: On Monday, March 15 Sunrise Travel reopens its office at 23891 Via Fabricante #603 in Mission Viejo.

What are Sunrise Travel clients doing?

Some have cancelled their trips, but the vast majority are postponing their vacations into fall 2020 or 2021. Delaying a trip instead of cancelling outright preserves paid deposits and gives you something to look forward to. What's more, many tour companies and cruise lines offer extra bonus offers if you postpone and not cancel your reservation(s).

Now is the time to plan your next great vacation -- we're eager to make it so!

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Travel Insurance

We have been selling TravelGuard insurance for many years and our clients have been happy with their coverage.

If you are considering canceling your trip due to the Coronavirus, please read your insurance policy thoroughly. Generally, fear of travel is not a covered event under most of our policies.

Nonetheless, there may be additional options available to travelers whose plans have been impacted. Travelers planning to re-book their travel for later in the year may be able to modify their current insurance policy to apply to future travel.

What to do now?

Our office in Mission Viejo remains closed, and we're hard at work at home. Please contact us via email, and we'll get back to you quickly.

You may have plenty of time on your hands to dream about a vacation after we emerge from this terrible crisis. We have plenty of brochures and links to great destinations that we would be happy to share with you.

Stay informed

Get your information about all aspects of the Corona virus from reliable, science-based sources. There are many such references online and we should like to mention just two:



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